Our Team


Chloe DiVita and Aaryn Kay have the vision to create an online community that fills a void in our society and pro-actively brings men into the conversation about sexual harassment, assault, and in general, respect.  


Chloe DiVita

Ms. DiVita is a sought after digital media strategist uniquely recognized as being able to crunch numbers, connect with communities, and create and execute sales and marketing campaigns. Ms. DiVita co-founded a pet focused influencer network that was later acquired by PetSmart where she ran the division for 3+years following acquisition.


Aaryn Kay


Ms. Kay is a proven leader who holds two Master’s Degrees from Duke University in Teaching and Environmental Management. Ms. Kay has worked with more than one hundred non-profits in almost every U.S. state and Canadian province providing services and expertise in fundraising, communications, strategic planning, evaluation, event management and education.

There’s no way to move forward unless we do this together.
— Minnie Driver, as told to the New York Times